Many of you have already heard the buzz
surrounding the chic Soma Water Filter and Carafe, but if not, welcome.

I am in love with this beauty, created by San Franciscan Mike Del Ponte.  Mike was serving water to his guests one evening, and the top of the Brita water filter fell off, drenching his table.  The rest of the story is history.  ENJOY!

The carafe is so clean and chic, holding six eight-ounce-glasses of water, although I pour in 40 ounces, so that the water doesn't touch the filter.  Even better, it is shatterproof, and there is no leaching plastic. It is just beautiful and reminds me of a wine carafe.

Winner of the 2014 Consumer Products Professional Core 77 Design Awards, it meets NSF/ANSI 42 standards, and the filtered water has such a clean taste.  David Beeman, creator of the water at Starbucks, Peet's, and the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, created the water filter system for Soma.  In David's words,  "There's nothing else like it in the world." See the video here.

The filter  is 100% biodegradable,  made with coconut shells, vegan silk, and food-based PLA plastic.  Even better, Soma sends a new filter every two months so that you never forget to change it on time!  HELLO! 

AND for every Soma sold, a donation is given to  Charity Water. 
I hope that you ENJOY your carafe and filter as much as I am enjoying mine!


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